Builders Bulk Bag – From £50

    Popular for small clear-ups. Customer will be required to collect bag from our yard, Sutherland Road ST3 1HZ.

    The bag needs to be accessible, Maximum reach is 4M from road and can reach over a 6ft Fence or Hedge. Please specify where the bag is located and if a Hiab is required as we have various vehicles that may come to collect the bag.

    It’s very easy to underestimate the size of skip that you will need and in some instances consumers end up ordering 2 skips when a slightly bigger one would have been ample. None of us can afford to waste money so to be sure why not click on the video picture to the right and have a closer look at the size of skip you are thinking about.

    Better to be safe than sorry!


    A Council Permit will be necessary if your skip has to be placed on a Public Highway.

    • Stoke-on-Trent Council (£50 – 3 Working Days Notice)
    • Staffordshire Council (£50 – 5 Working Days Notice)
    • Cheshire Council (£50 – 5 Working Days Notice)
    Hazardous Waste

    Acceptable Waste

    Brick – Soil – Concrete – Timber – Plasterboard – Glass – Metal – Green waste – Plastic – Paper – Cardboard

    Non Acceptable Waste

    Clinical Waste, Syringes – Aerosols With Hazardous Signs – Hazardous and Toxic Waste – Oil Filters, Waste Oil, Diesel – Fluorescent Tubes – Liquids And Sludge’s – Asbestos – Paints, Solvents, Resins – Tyres

    Order Online or Tel: 01782 551 222

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