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Aggregates from DP Skip Hire

We specialise in decorative and bulk aggregates to suit your project requirements:

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel consists of smooth pea-sized stones that are around 10mm in size. This gravel, also known as pea shingle, is only suitable for the top layer of a driveway. Due to its compact size and natural strength, pea gravel is easy to walk on and makes for a solid foundation or base beneath paving stones.

Golden Gravel

The gold in golden gravel comes from its multi-coloured appearance consisting of yellow, brown and cream coloured gravel stones. Golden gravel requires limited maintenance, making it a very popular choice along with the appeal of the colour. This gravel requires limited mowing or feeding, and is highly durable meaning the gravel stones are rarely affected by adverse weather conditions. Another advantage of golden gravel is its ability to drain, meaning the surface remains puddle free due to its natural drainage.

Aggregates For Sale in Stoke on Trent

We also have MOT Type 1 Limestone 40mm, 6F2/6F5, Road Plainings, Limestone Dust, Crushed Concrete CF2 Grade (Certificated) and General Oversized Hardcore


Red Granite

Red granite is another common type of aggregate, known for its colour appeal that stands out all year round through multiple types of weather conditions. Red granite also soaks up any water it’s exposed to which prevents unwanted puddles forming. Being extremely versatile, this type of granite is commonly used as a decorative aggregate for pathways, walkways, gardens, parks, golf courses and many other areas.

Green Granite

One great advantage of green granite is that it looks equally stunning both wet and dry so the work you’ve achieved on your landscaping project is always visible. Green granite is a naturally quarried product which means it can vary in formation, size, colour and shape, making it completely unique and bespoke to your project. This type of granite is very durable and long-lasting, which means you’ve achieved brilliant value for money.

York Buff/Cotswold Stone

York buff and Cotswold stone are well-known aggregates due to their popularity and ability to achieve transformational kerb appeal. These aggregates are typically seen in driveways and gardens all over the UK (mainly in York and the Cotswolds), and can make a landscaping project stand out with its uniquely bright mellow cream limestone colour. A notable advantage of these chippings is that it compacts with use which prevents the surface from spreading out or moving around. This type of aggregate is popular for driveways in particular due to the hard limestone material giving it sustained strength and durability.

Plum Slate

Plum slate is another low maintenance aggregate that’s shown to be very popular in the UK. The colour is quite unique and makes for a smart enhancement of your landscaping project. The main benefits of this material is that it’s versatile, easy to lay and environmentally friendly.

Play Grade Bark

Play grade bark is a great play surface material as it lasts far longer than other barks due to its natural drainage quality to minimise the change of puddles forming, while also having clean and frost resistant properties.

Our team can assist you further with the suitability of each aggregate solution we offer to ensure you make the right choice for your project. View our contact page to get in touch with us.

Why Choose DP Skip Hire for Your Aggregates?

At DP Skip Hire, not only do we cover all of Staffordshire with our aggregates solutions, but we also offer free local same day delivery (usually within a few hours of ordering).

From 1 to 20 tonne loads, in bulk bags or loose, we have discounts available on large orders to help you get the best value for your money. If you’re unsure which type of aggregate to choose from, our team is available to help you find the most suitable aggregate for your project.

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We offer a wide variety of aggregates for you to transform and enhance your project’s space, and our team is here to help you make the right choice. Our experts are thoroughly experienced and enjoy what they do, so make sure to get in touch to talk through your specific requirements to get the ball rolling on your project.

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Golden Gravel From: £90

Golden Gravel

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - 10mm/20mm: £90

Green Granite From: £90

Green Granite

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - 20mm: £90

Plum Slate From: £90 - £95

Plum Slate 20mm or 40mm

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) 20mm: £90 - 40mm: £95

Red Granite From: £100

Red Granite

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - 20mm: £100

Pea Gravel From: £55

Staffs Pink Pea Gravel

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - 10mm/20mm: £55

Cotswold Stone From: £90

Cotswold Stone

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - 20mm: £90

Limestone Dust From: £55

Limestone Dust

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - £55

Play grade bark From: £90

Play Grade Bark

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - £90

Top Soil From: £55

Top Soil

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - £55

Sand and Gravel From: £55

Sand & Gravel

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - £55

Building Sand From: £55

Building Sand

Price per bulk bag (inc. VAT) - £55

Crushed Concrete

Crushed Concrete CF2 Certificated

Recycled Type 1 Certificated 70mm - Dust. Please call 01782 551222.

Oversized Hardcore

Oversized Hardcore

For price please call 01782 551222.