Deep clean disinfectant fogging is a solution we offer in order to keep you and your household, workplace or any kind of used area safe after the pandemic.

The recent Coronavirus epidemic has taken the world by storm. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses found in both animals and humans. These viruses are known to cause illnesses ranging from a common cold to more severe conditions. They especially affect those with lowered immune systems.

Coronavirus, known as Covid-19, and its worldwide impact has stressed the importance of rigorous and robust hygiene and sanitisation in all walks of life.

Our deep clean disinfectant fogging can be carried out in an hour with 99.999% efficiency.

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About Deep Clean Disinfectant Fogging

At DP Skip Hire, we use a powerful broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant approved by Governments from all around the world. Our system sends mist at 0.2 microns, whereas normal fogging systems only provide 0.5 microns.

The highly effective biocide and virucide eradicated viruses and bacteria from large surface areas in a short amount of time.

Research has shown that bacteria such as MRSA can live on a hard, dry surface for 7 days, a flu virus for 24 hours and C-Diff for 100 days. Therefore, a service such as deep clean disinfectant fogging can go a long way to protecting staff and customers from infection, or even reinfection.

Our Fogging Services

Thanks to our dedicated team, we are now equipped to fog a whole building in under an hour with our virucidal. This ensures all surfaces are treated in order to keep viruses and bacteria at bay and to keep the population safe.

Whole Room Disinfection Devices

Whole room disinfection devices can help eliminate some of the errors that occur in cleaning, as well as cut down on manual labour required by staff.

Whole room disinfection systems, especially in assembly productions, can be used to assist with disinfection in areas that are regularly a problem without disrupting production flow as manual methods would. We understand how impactful business downtime can be and we aim to keep your business flowing as it should be.

Whole room disinfection devices also limit the use of chemicals, which greatly benefits the environment as well as employees who would otherwise be using harmful cleaning products on a regular basis.

How long does fogging take? 

Fogging itself takes under an hour, and covers a large surface area. It can be used on all surfaces and, once dry, the area will be decontaminated with 99.999% efficiency and normal service can be resumed.

Check out our video below to see disinfectant fogging in action.

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