Skip Hire in Crewe

Are you looking to start a home renovation? Are you in the building trade and looking for commercial waste solutions for a project in Crewe? Whatever you need, here at DP Skip Hire we have something to suit you. From a small 2-yard mini skip, an 8-yard enclosed skip, or our super 40-yard RORO skip – we can assist you to find the right skip for your needs.

We don’t just stop at skip hire. In fact, we cover a wide range of services in regards to waste management. If your project needs a little help, we have a plant hire available too. From digger hire to roller hire, our collection of small-scale machinery is ideal for a range of requirements. Get in touch to see what’s right for you!



Why choose a drop-door skip?

There are a number of types of skip available for hire in Crewe, including the classic shape, drop-down door and enclosed. Each type has a different purpose and different benefits depending on the use of the skip.

The drop door skip is a particular favourite for garden renovations. The lowered door makes an excellent ramp for a wheelbarrow, enabling you to walk your heavy waste, such as soil, into the skip rather than having to lift it over the top.

Here at DP Skip Hire, we have 2 sizes of drop door skip: the 4-yard midi or the 8-yard builders skip. The 40-yard RoRo is also an excellent, accessible choice for larger-scale commercial projects. If you have any questions on finding the right skip in the right size please contact our team who would be happy to assist.

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

The cost of skip hire in Crewe will vary depending on the size of the skip you need and whether you need a permit. We offer a range of skip sizes suitable for all types of projects including domestic and commercial. Prices for skip hire in Crewe start at £95.

If you require your skip to be situated on a public road during the hire, a permit from Cheshire Council is required. We can organise this for you.

To see how much a skip in Crewe will cost you, use our online booking form to get a quote and book your skip online with us online today. Our standard hire duration is 2 weeks. Should you need the skip for longer, please contact us directly to make arrangements with our team.

How much does skip hire in Crewe cost?


The Right Size Skip In Crewe

Skips from DP Skip Hire in Crewe, are available in a range of sizes suitable for many home fronts and permits.

Unsure on which size skip to book? Speak to our friendly team of experts about your project and they can help to advise you on the right size skip. Remember it is always more cost-effective to order one larger skip than two smaller skips!

For more information on what fits into our skips, take a look at our latest news where you can find information on our range of skips

Why choose an enclosed skip?

There are a number of reasons why you would benefit from hiring an enclosed skip in Stafford. One of the biggest reasons is that they remove the risk of unauthorised tipping into your skip. By locking your skip when unattended you can ensure that the waste remains your own and is not filled with other’s waste.

Another good reason to hire an enclosed skip is as protection against the elements. Dependent on what it is you are planning to tip, high winds can cause waste to be caught up in high winds. Choosing an enclosed skip removes this risk and supports you in fulfilling your duty of care to the public and anyone else working in the vicinity.

We currently have 3 different sizes of enclosed skip available for hire. They are 8-yard, 12-yard and 16-yard variations. Each is lockable and enclosed, allowing you to store your waste safely and deter fly-tipping when the skip is left unattended.

To book an enclosed skip with us, head over to our online booking form. If you are unsure how long you will require your skip, please contact the team who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Enclosed Skip Hire In Hanley

Commercial Services in Crewe

From domestic skip hire to commercial waste solutions, we offer a wide range of services in Crewe to support your requirements. Whether you are undertaking office renovations or need heavy duty waste solutions for heavy duty projects, our team will support you in finding the most affordable and efficient waste management solution for your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your needs on 01782 551 222. Alternatively, you can use our online form to get a quote instantly and hire your skip online in less than 5 minutes.